Thousand of apologies everybody

Thousand of apologies everybody,

recently I have currently stop updating my blog,

it is due to I am quite busy in the new project,

and the computer failure in my company.


Company’s PC had failed since a month ago,

but still under malfunction mode.

Do you guys know what is actually happening?

In fact,

the PC has been repaired.


the stupid technician not installed the Ms. Access into the PC.


I have to sacrifice my laptop to replace it as backup.

This is why,

up to today I am still unable to update my blog,

and unable to insert Chinese input when I am replying at forum.



the PC is gonna get re-installed Ms. Access by the coming week.


my blogging life is gonna be started all over again.揉臉

10 thoughts on “Thousand of apologies everybody

    1. In fact, my expression may not be that good~
      So, I might be quit from here soon.
      Before leaving, I will post the final article as farewell article.
      See ya.

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